Payment - Health Canada | Common Online Payment System


1.    Verify and enter your Customer Number or Group Account Number. Important: Payment can only be processed for a single Customer Number or Group Account Number at a time.
2.    Enter your contact information. This will be used to reach you if we have any questions about the payment.
3.    Select the reason for your payment. 
       “Pay an invoice” – Select this to pay for an existing invoice. Enter your Invoice Number and Payment amount (in Canadian Funds). The Comment field is optional. 
       “Pay without an invoice” – Select this to make a payment on an account without an invoice. Enter the Payment amount and the reason for the payment. 
       “Pay a Dosimetry account” – This option should only be selected if your payment is related to the National Dosimetry Service. Enter the Payment amount. The Comment field is optional. Only one account can be paid at a time.
4.    If you would like to pay for a second item on the same account, press “Add another item”, otherwise select “Submit” to continue to the confirmation page.
5.    Review the information shown, solve the “CAPTCHA” question for security purposes and select “Submit” to continue. You will be redirected to Moneris where you can complete the payment process.
6.    Once your transaction is complete, you will be returned to a confirmation page showing the transaction status and your receipt. A copy of your receipt will be sent to the e-mail address provided. 

For information on who to contact if you do not have a Customer Number, or for alternate payment methods, see
For help with processing a payment for an existing account, or for any other payment inquiries, please contact Health Canada’s Accounts Receivable unit at 1-800-815-0506.